I tried retuning my guitar last night the right way and all of the strings except the low E are tuned. When i ick the low E the meter jumps all the wat from left to right and back. it does the same thing even after I make a slight adjustment. is it just way out of tune? how hard should I be picking each string when tuning? thanks
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It does that cuz it doesn't know which note u want. there's gotta be an E shown in the up left corner.
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I think you might have tuned it too high, lower the string then very slowly start to tune back up again
I will give it another try tonight and my tuner is actually the chromatic CA-30 if that makes any difference in tuning. thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
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Very lightly mute the other fingers as you tune. I find this helps a lot when it comes to the meter jumping on some tuners. When you pick a string, many times the other strings also vibrate a little, sometimes enough to make the meters act a little goofy. As I tune, I just lightly touch the other strings just enough to keep them from vibrating, and it usually keeps the needle from going nuts.
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