Ik guys, i have no idea what to use to clean my guitar. And by that i mean, i dont know what to use to clean the body and the neck. I use lemon oil to clean the freatboard, but for the other parts i just dont know. The finish is polyurethane (or whatever) not the nitro one, and the neck is also finished (set neck guitar). I just hate that its all coverd with handprints and smears, and its really noticable on a glossy black finish. So, what should i use for cleaning the body?
Oh, the guitar is the Ibanez SZ320.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
First, there is a difference between 'cleaning' and 'polishing' which many people don't apparently realize. Cleaning is the removal of dirt & grime while polishing is the application of a protective coating. Polishing without cleaning first means you trap the dirt in the protective finish.
Cleaning can be done with a dry soft cotton or flannel cloth. You can also dampen the cloth a little to help or breathe on the dirty areas fogging the finish with the moisture in your breath to help soften it first before removal. There are also commercial cleaners for guitars but don't confuse them with polishes. After cleaning you can apply a guitar polish if desired. You really don't need one for polyurethane but for lacquer it helps protect the finish.
For exposed wood fingerboards (Rosewood, Ebony for eg) you can use a credit card scraper, 0000 steel wool to clean the sweat buildup. Then lemon oil applied sparingly and excess removed will re-moisturize the wood. This doesn't have to be done often and there are commerical fingerboard treatments you can buy as well.
DOn't use any furniture polishes on your guitar. Many contain silicone which can work it's way under finishes and ruin them. Don't use car wax either, Maquires does make a guitar polish but it's different from the car version.
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