I know, I know this question has been asked 1000 times but I can't find the page about it.

I recently wrote a tab that was really the ONLY correct version out of the 4 that were there. (I had tried them all) and it still go rejected!
I really, truly, and honestly have no idea why it got rejected. And if I knew why, I would like to fix it! I spent a lot of time on writing it.

Please help!
Does your tab match any of this criteria?

some common reasons for rejecting your tab(s):

- We have a similar tab in the archives
- There are too many versions of the tab already
- It was inaccurate or not formatted
- It was intro or solo tab while we already have tabs for the whole song


-Do not add "Ver 2" Or "2" or "100% correct"or"New version" or something in song title.
-Check your song name and the artist name for spelling before you push submit button.

-Do not add type of your tab in song title like: "Hells bells Bass tab". Just select the type of your tab in submit your tab page.
-If you're trying to submit a tab for a live version of a song,just put the word "Live" after song name with no other words.You can add more descriptions in your tab.


(Guitar/Bass tabs)

-Always follow our template in submit your tab page for guitar and bass tabs.


-Put the chords over the lyrics and make sure it would be aligned well(use preview button )

(Guitar pro/Power tabs)

-Fix all incomplete bars.
-Add all necessary details in score information and performance note such as:
a.link to the website(For unknown bands)
b.Link to the song(youtube link or something if it was necessary)

(GP/PT exported text tabs)

-Since not all ugers are using those softwares,we usually approve those tabs,BUT:

a.You should give a credit to original tabber.
b.You should set apart intro/verses/chorus/solo/etc.

If so then that is probably why it was rejected. Also, even if you think that the existing tabs are wrong, if they are rated highly, then UG usually leans towards the majority, and assumes that it is right.

If you are still unsure, post in this thread, and make sure you mention the song name and artist

Well, the only thing i didn't do was put my email. But that couldn't be the ONLY reason they rejected it.

And I even watched the video for the song and the guitarist played it the same way I wrote it.

The only thing I didn't put in my tab was the bridge, but I've seen PLENTY of unfinished tabs on this website that had been passed!