i have a question

is the only thing that is different that m600t has tremolo?

which is better
one of these will be my first el. guitar so please comment on this

I wouldn't get a trem on your first guitar, so go with the one that doesn't have one.
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Yes I believe that is the only difference between them. I have the M600 and I love it. Aside from my Gibson, which never leaves the house, this has become my main guitar for band use. Very versatile with the coil splitting.
And. Thanks for reminding me, I still have to take some pictures of mine.
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Quote by Juadafi
I wouldn't get a trem on your first guitar, so go with the one that doesn't have one.


Anyway ts the M600/T would be a great first guitar heck I'm going to be picking one up eventually. And you have nothing to worry about the tremolo since it's a vintage style tremolo and doesn't float from the factory set up so you won't need to worry about any tuning issues that some people encounter with floating bridges.
The T often stands for Tremolo so I guess it's the only different.
I recommend hardtail for first guitar but there's nothing with a dive only trem unit like this one. As long as it's not a full floating bridge then it's not the pain.

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Oh my. An M600 for a first electric! That's one high quality guitar. Go for the hardtail to learn on but the trem version would be good too as its not a Floyd Rose type.
What colour do you want? And be sure to post us some pics when you get it.
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very nice! i like it a lot... especially the amp as a first amp. i still need a decent one
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The guitar has one hell of a nice look! That's cool as a first guitar, nice amp too
Sweet!! Nice finish

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