You guys know im a total noob to guitar and reading music and tabs and want to know what I need to learn to play metal riffs and cover 90's rock songs. what should i start learning first? I am going to take my time and build up speed but I would like to be able to play some easy metal riffs pretty soon and don't want to waste time learning stuff i don't need. this is just a hobbby for me and i would eventually like to play some of the great metal riffs and stuff like bush, green day, collective soul, soundgarden, fuel, candlebox, etc.... where should i start and in what order should i learn things to accomplish my goals. I really just need a direction and progression list of what i need to learn. Thanks a ton
el cheapo gear but it works
the guitar technique section is slow...?

Anyways, power chords and pentatonic scales I guess.

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