yeah, recommend me some classic rock bands that arent that famous

for example grand funk railroad

recommend me something that a jimmi hendrix, led zeppelin, the beatles fan would love
The 13th Floor Elevators are awesome.
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what kind of bands do you want, classic rock is too broad of a thing?, do you wnat like 70s hard rock bands like grand funk or just like everything?

i fyou want the hard rock bands

HUmble Pie
Big star (softer and a bit harder to find but damn good)
Brownsville Station
Captain Beyond
mid 70s - Edgar Winter Group albums
James gang
early - Judas Priest (first three albums)
LIttle Feat
Molly hatchet
Reo Speedwagon (any albums 1973-1984, i would recomend the album "You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish guitar)
Mott the Hoople
Hot Tuna

does that get you started?
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