I heard The Proposal was really good.
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do what this guy says, he is wise
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Ive seen them both and they're both sub-par.

Funny people?
i give that 7/10

if you want to watch something good rent a DVD.
500 days of summer... be indie hahaha
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Hentai. It's a completely different world that will rip your eye-sockets and and skull-screw you with its tentacles.
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**** her. then break on through to the other side.

That made absolutely no sense.

Also, I wouldn't call my girlfriend my bitch it's kind of dickish.
Due what you want as long as you vote Due!
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if you want to watch something good rent a DVD.

this, seriously.
rent dvd with chick at home > go to movies with chick
i saw the taking of pelham 123 today and it was pretty good, not a film to go see with you girl friend though so the proposal seem appropriate
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Slutty Housewives 6

I heard Michael Bay worked on it, so there are more explosions...

...of semen.
I vote Proposal, unless your lass has a decidedly manly taste in films
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This from a country who're trying to make up for being late for the last two world wars by being really early for the next one?

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i think this is my favorite post of the day

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You ****ing pwn.

Awesome, dude, just awesome.
Pelham is brilliant.
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Trust me. See Funny People.

In an ironic twist, nobody in that movie is funny. (Adam Sandler used to be, but not anymore)

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500 days of summer... be indie hahaha

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be the indication
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take your most dreadful form
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