Today i went to a few guitar stores for the first time in a while, and i took a look in a few that sell all the quirky, rare guitars, and i came across a couple of EKO acoustics, i have heard of the brand before but believe them to not be very well known, but anyway the next purchase i am looking to get is a 12 string, not anytime soon but maybe around christmas time, i tried one of these and it sounded really nice.

My question is, the price it was being sold at was around £300-£400 (can't remember what number it was closer to), is this a good price? And has anyone had experience with this brand before?

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Google tells me that they look nice. A few reviews seem very positive. I've never had any experience with the brand, but I suggest that you play the one(s) you found, and see how you like them.
I have an EKO and its really nice to play,not loud enough to gig,even miked up,but yeah they are really nice to play and sound great.
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I've just bought the 60's J 56 12 string acoustic and i find that it projects the volume really well. these guitars are built like tanks. Every review you will find will tell you that these are solid guitars. I paid $500 (aussie dollar) for mine, i would think that being in the UK you would have a few more of these floating around than over here so it might be a bit expensive but then the place i got mine from doesn't usually sell second hand guitars so i may have just scored a bargain. They are great guitars though id recommended getting