Hey, I wanted to get a 7 string, and I have never tried a 7 string before, but I heard they have extremely wide necks, which could pose a problem.

I have about average sized fingers, would there be any problems with me playing on a neck, especially if I need to really reach to the B string?

Also, could someone reccommend me a 7 string for under 500~? (US dollars)

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They aren't as bad as people make them out to be.If you can play well on a six string neck then you can easily learn to play well on a 7.It took me about 2 or 3 hours of playing on mine before I got used to it,and after that it feels as nature that play as my six strings.

What do you want as far as features go for the guitar? Ibanez makes some nice budget 7 strings,and the old RG7620/7621 models can be found for $500 or so,and they're great guitars.


You don't need abnormally large hands to play a 7 string, or even an 8. You just get used to it after a day or two, it's not nearly as big of a deal as it would seem. Your barre chords need to be even more perfectly structured then on a six, but you learn to deal with that.

Other then that, sevens are great. The only real problem is whether you want to play in B standard or drop A, since both are very useful.

EDIT: Used 7's are the way to go if you want cheaper guitars. They tend to depreciate in value because of the low general market demand.
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i have a schecter 7 string and when im playing it i forget that it even has a wider neck than my 6 string. id look into schecter and ibanez, maybe esp-ltd, but they may be a little but expensive. buying used would probably be a good idea. id try to find something with active pups because alot of 7 strings tend to sound muddy with passives imo. ive got emg 707s in mine and they sound great and have 0 mud.
Definitely takes time to get used to, unless you have very large hands like I do where it comes as a breeze and is much more comfortable than a 6'er.

But since you said you have average sized hands, it still won't be a problem. It'll take maybe a week to get used to the size and the inclusion of another string to mute or include in your playing.
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there's nothing strange about a 7 string. the neck IS wider... by about one string...

it really doesn't cause a problem unless you're one of those people who likes to wrap your thumb over the top. and i've even seen some people successfully get the thumb to wrap over but i don't play like this so it didn't really cause a problem for me. the weirdest thing is getting used to the fact that E is no longer your lowest string and that takes all of 5 min.
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The neck is probably 1/4" wider, if that (maybe as little as 1/8"). The neck on my 7 is a ****load faster than my 6-string.
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