Hi. I know how much people hate to hear this opener but yes im a noob. However, i'm serious about playing as well. I have researched online but when you have no knowledge to base upon this can be confusing.

So, anyway, I have been playing guitar for about almost a year now and would like to be able to play through a small PA, or something. So, being a beginner (and broke) I was looking for something inexpensive. I would like to know if this system is decent enough, for the money.. bearing in mind, i am a beginner. Please take a look at this PA on MF for $179.

WIll the mic sound horrible?

Can someone also explain in laymen terms phantom power and also a preamp and why I would need one? And would I be able to record to a computer through this PA?

Thank You so much for your time. Sorry for a million questions.

EDIT: Also, since I do not have an acoustic/electric I suppose I will have to get a soundhole pickup. Can someone suggest which kind or a specific one. I like to play rock covers and punk acoustic covers...
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phantom power is used on conderser microphones that need power to work, their used on bass drums and can be on bass amps but their usually run through a di box, hope thhis helps in some way, also why not just buy an amp, why do you want to run a guitar through a pa?
I was gonna say buy an amp you can still mic an amp and it will sound a lot better. Also the tone will be bad on a Pa and you wont get as nicer sound. There are pleanty of solid state amps out there which are good for starters and sound ok. i have the laney lx35 at the minuite and this is a fine solid state and sound good.

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thanks. So I assume this mic wouldnt need phantom power.

And want to go through PA so friends can get together and play maybe 2 guitars and have mics to sing through and piss off the neighbors.
Guitar1+ guitar2+mic> small sound desk>guitar amp

And still annoys neighbours as well as you getting a better amp.

Vintage les paul

Gone digital! NI audio 8 into guitar rig and ableton live!

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damn you guys are quick. I didnt realize it would have a much better sound through a combo amp..

I dont have a mic and if i were to get a decent one woudnt it be like twice as much than the PA itself. Okay, I know that should answer my own question but I was just wondering if the system was halfway decent.
i cant type fast enough to keep up with you lewis, but thanks.

Can you suggest a good small sound desk? And relatively cheap mic??