As the title says, i can get a used 1983 Tokai Love Rock with the serial number: 3013768, or i could get a new Edwards E-LP-98LTS. I know that the vintage Tokais are really great, and I was wondering if this one is included in that greatness So what would you do? The price is about the same, and if im getting the Tokai I need to know in the next week. The one thing i cant figure out is the model of the Tokai Love Rock, for example a LS150.

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and yes im getting a les b/c i want to be like SLASHH but not wanna spend all the $$$
Hmm, I've never tried a Tokai before, mainly because they're not very common in the US, but I've heard great things and would love to own one.

I do, however, own an Edwards E-LP-92SD, and it is by far my favorite guitar I've ever owned. The one guitar, in fact, that I've never thought of as being "dispensable," it would take one hell of a trade to get to me let that guitar go.
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I would trust MatrixClaw's opinion on just about anything gear related. I have actually tried some Japanese Tokais though and they have all been nicer than any Gibson I've tried. I can't speak for the Edwards, but I'm going to throw a little "6 and half a dozen" into the mix....
thanks for the quick replies. I think im gonna go for the Tokai becuase ive head the vintage ones are better than the edwards. Also, dont you think the tokai would have better resale, espicially since its from 83'?
Probably but that's if you'd want to ever sell it. I made a thread about the Tokai - Edwards dispute a while back. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1051612

But if comparing to a Gibson, I ran across this yesterday: http://www.petelacis.com/2008/11/05/gibson-les-paul-vos-1960-vs-edwards-les-paul-lp130/

It's a comparison of a VOS Gibson and an Edwards LP130.

Edwards gets my vote.
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Early to mid '80s Tokais are very well recieved in the les paul circles. It is not the same as a modern day MIJ Tokai, the early ones are noticeably better.

Should be much better than the Edwards.
yeah. thats what ive heard. i just think that the tokai would be a better guitar all around in quality wise and resale if i ever decide to resell (which i prolly wont)
i figured out that the model is proboly a LS50 or LS60. Are these models good for the time?