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this the last guitar ever made by the japanese company 'Signature'. the guy that made them used to make Gibby replicas until he got sued and so he made these. since then he's been bought out by Gibson and now makes the top end Epiphone Elitests (sp?) and Gibsons. Ironic really

The body is obviously a les paul copy but the 'hips' are wider owing to a more comfortable playing position and is also thinner and ****ing light! this is probably 2/3 the weight of my Epi, maybe even half!

controls are actually really responsive, and you can really change the sound from each humbucker, which is pleasant considering im a tone=10 man

this has:
Flamed maple bookmatched top in vintage tabacco sunburst
Mahogany body and neck
Set-neck construction, which is thin like my RG and very fast
TOM style bridge
Gibson Style tuners
2 vol 2 tone controls

image embedding wouldnt work so help with that would be appreciated
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Epi Elitists are discontinued now
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What pickups are those?

no idea but theyre amazing! definately not changing these

^ and greg: yeah ano! i was actually gunna buy that yesterday but GAK.co.uk apparently never answer the phone, so i didnt bother cos i needed it deliver by the end of this week (hence phoning to check) cos im on my hols next week.

and i wasnt even going to buy this today! i told my dad to come look at this guitar i wanted and i asked if we could put a deposit down and my dad was like **** that lets just buy it :L
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Just use the IMG tags. Photobucket provides the link under the pics in your album. Insert those into the post and you should be good to go.
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Where did you find this?

my local guitar shop. they used to sell these from time to time and they heard the factory was closing down and so they bought the last 12 in production. theyre only available second hand now, unless you somehow contacted the old factory and asked if theyd make you one