I finally took ideas from my demo and made a full song out of it. Tell me what you think and I'll be more than happy to crit back.
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That's one of the most original things I've heard in a while. It's starts out atmospheric and calm. The latin drums make a nice addition. I really didn't expect the riff at 0:48, but it really fit the song nice. Nice theme. I don't think the distortion fits the song very well though, might want to tone down the treble and add some mid, and then it would be perfect. Are you using a pedal to record? I would check out the VST distortion tutorial thread, if you use Cubase or Flstudio or Reason or something. Anyway, that's something I would listen to relax. Nice job!
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posted comment on the song in ur profile plz check out The First Time in my profile and let me know what u think
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Thanks for the crit!

That's a nice song, as mentioned I'd drop a bit of gain and treble and boost the mids to gain some clarity from the distorted sections. Nice and ambiance to start and then a nice distorted sections.

The drums sounded ok if a little bit dry, especially the snare. Add some reverb to that and It'll fit the atmosphere of the song a bit better.

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That was cool, it reminds me of fractured mirror by Ace Frehley at the begining.

The distortion part reminds me of Metallica i don't know why.

That's kinda psychedelic at some moments :p

Thanks for the crit by the way
cool dude! i like the way the instruments come in after the longer more quiet intro. that whole first softer, jazzy part reminds me a john mclaughlin. cool use of effects and nice beat selection during the bridge section. i like how you're going for an uncommon mixture of genres.

nice work!
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reminds me of some simple maps and atlases songs. when the distorted guitar come inyou might want to add something to it and make it more prog type.well thats what i would do.any way good song and thanks for the crit. keep up the good work.
Thanks for the crit!

I really like the original calm bass line - sets the mood for the rest of the piece... maybe take the crotchet drum high-hat at the start, and then come in with the latin drums?

I like the latin drums, quite unique... not done much before!

The distorted guitar has a nice tone to it, if I were you... i would lower the gain a bit

The distorted guitar at 0.50 was a bit unexpected, but i got used to it as i listened to it more... nice addition to that latin beat and smooth bassline

Overall, I do think that i get the image of waves in my mind when listening to this... calm sounds, and then goes 'crazy' when the waves become more aggressive... good work!

Please could you listen to 'guitar instrumental 2' on my profile, and suggest some sort of a name for that - because i'm having trouble getting some sort of imagery in my mind of it (if that makes sense?)

Lastly, Keep it up!
It's pretty cool that you're only 17 and experimenting with various genres - something that i'm trying to do at least
Thanks for the crit

Definatly something original, Its not really my style, but it was intersting. I didnt really expect the distorted guitar, kinda thought an acoustic guitar would be the basis of the song, but the electric worked pertty nice, not really anything to crit here, cept mabey complete the song more and make it longer