So, I've got this epi sg special, and I really want to pop a pickguard on it. I've found pickguards on the internet, I'm just curious about the fit. Would it work? I just need to know if there's a spacing issue or something like that.
The inch US made stuff for gibsons is usually misspaced to fit on a metric epi. There will be gaps around the pickups and the screw holes wont line up. 1 of the 2 epi pickguards should fit without to much trouble.
the epi sg special doesnt already have a pickguard, so screw holes arent a major issue. pickup and/or bridge size is however. look for an epi sg pickguard on ebay or something.
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well..I've found a website called wd music. They Sg custom pickguards that are half face. Since the Sg custom has 3 pickups, the pickguard doesn't go in between the pickups. I guning for one of those....but if I can find an epi pickguard for a decent price on ebay that'd be cool. What do you guys think?
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