I'm looking to find good tabs for the intro riff - im talking about the sort of long riff that leads into the sweeping. I can never find good tabs for it - they either force an insane (i mean really extraordinary) stretch between my middle finger and pinky, or are overly simple to play (basically making the entire intro riff tapping.).

If someone could deliver, please do.

EDIT: I've already learned the sweeping - combined - with - tapping part after the intro riff, so i don't need tabs for that part or any part after that.

DOUBLE EDIT LOL: please dont link to the video of that "SomeAzzhole" dude playing it on youtube- no offense to him or anything, i just really don't think he plays it well at all, and would prefer not to use his tabs.
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how about the tabs that are on the database here...?

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GJ learning that, I had a hell of a time with the sweep-tapping the 32nd's. Do you have Guitar Pro?