Hey, i'm now starting to progress with my playing and really need to move off of my crap rig. I've already decided on an Amp, the Peavey Vypyr 30W, and now i need a good guitar to accompany it. Today i spent the best part of 3 hours in my local store playin g guitars. I tried out some Ibanez's but the tone was way too trebley for my liking. Not sure if that was the amp or the guitar or what but it didn't sound nice. I also tried a Warbeast out and was pretty impressed. Nice thick tone and with the right distortion pedal i think it would sound amazing. However, i still don't think the tone will reach just as i like it. I'm being very particular about this buy as i want it to last me a good 10 years. My other ideas was a Telecaster with a pup swap up to some Duncans maybe? This would hopefully keep the bright sound of the Telecaster in the highs but with the Humbuckers be a bit thicker anddarker in the lows. Your thoughts?
Maybe try out an SG? do you want a trem or not?
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I suggest a Schecter C-1 ATX. I always do.
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Budget is around £300, the guitar is to be used on my Peavey Vypyr 30W. I play everything from Paramore to Trivium.
Look at T.C. Ellis guitars in Wales for SG & LP at your price point or Vintage are cheaper but prepare to pay for a decent setup with them.
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Are these TC Ellis guys legit. I'm in the UK so this could be a good idea. Plus it means i can choose what i want. +1 for you my friend.
Hey, willT08, you said that you play some Paramore on your Peavey Vypyr amp? I was thinking about upgrading my Line 6 Spider III to what you have. Would I be making a good decision, considering I play Paramore type things too?
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I suggest a Schecter C-1 ATX. I always do.

I agree with this. Also, maybe a Schecter Tempest? Don't know much about them, but I've heard good things
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