i have a marshall avt 150 watts
it has an acoustic simulator.does it mean that i can plug a classic or an acoustic guitar into this amp?or it means the amp simulates the electric guitars tone to acoustic shape?
i wanna plug my classic guitar into this amp,does it hurt the amp or the guitar?
no, no way it will hurt
but for real acoustic tone get acoustic guitar or keyboard amp
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I thought the "clean" button was to clean out the inside of the amp automatically, so I never pressed it.

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It will not hurt the guitar or amp (make sure you keep the volume on the guitar's pickup fairly low).

However, it probably wont sound amazing. It might be better just to plug in to the amp's clean channel without the acoustic simulation.
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the acoustic simulator makes your electric guitar sound like an acoustic guitar, simples.

I suggest always using it with the body switch depressed, gives it a much better sound IMO.
I used to own this amp and when using effects through the front input i occasionally used the Acoustic Sim

when i did i had the switch on and the vol depending where i was playing and the gain / body knob between 2'oclock and full

it sounded awesome

i was going through a custom tele

it also means itll make the electric sound acoustic