Hey Just Wanted To Post This On Here As Im Having Problems With My Pedals And Humming Noises

i Got A New amp recently and it was working fantastic with the pedals in the loop and in the pre amp, however the last few days its been huming like mad

my first loop went incuding effects loop ( i was also using the ns2 "X" Connection)

Guitar > Tuner > Phaser > Input Ns2
Send Ns2 > Wah > Od3 > English Muff > Mxr + >Mxr Micro Amp > Amp Input

Effects Send > EHX Stereo Electric Mistress > Reverb > Delay > Return NS2
Output ns2 > Effects In

This Worked Brilliantly, all the pedals sounded awesome and was well happy with it, however with the same chain it is now buzzing, im using the correct power supplies and everything, its not a dodge cable cause im tried loads, so i dunno what it is

my current chain goes (this doesnt have hum, but i dont like the sound of the SEM And the Delay in this Chain)

Guitar > Tuner > Phaser > Input Ns2
Send > Wah > 0d3 > English Muff > mxr + > Mxr Micro Amp > SEM > Reverb > Delay > Return Ns2
Output Ns2 > Amp

i get absolutly no noise or hum with this set up, just like i said previously i dont like the SEM AND DELAY in this chain.

what can i do ?
ive tried many variations on differnt loops and everything and nohting is deleting the hum


i posted the above on the effects site the other day, i did the bottom one today !!!

im getting really peed off now with this
tried so many different versions today and everything and just nothing, however i tried the below version and got no noise but wasnt majorly impressd with the sound and when a few gain effects cranked up together i got noise them too

guitar > wah > od3 > ehx muff > mxr + > mxr Amp > Phaser > Sem > Reverb > Delay > Tuner > Amp

i used no noise suppressor in this loop and got no hum whatsoever but didnt like it to much tbh, cause i use a lot of gain effects and even have all 3 on at the same time (this however when i first got the amp no noise nothing)

then i went

guitar > input ns2 > send > wah > od3 > ehx muff > mxr + > mxr amp (>tried the reverb here, worked ok tbh) >return ns2
output ns2 > Phaser > Sem > Delay > Tuner > amp

but got some crazy ticking noises, like a clock going off in my amp

i also noticed today that when i went to hit the strings the amp sounded like a snare drum rattiling when a lot of noise is around it. and almost sounded like i was trying to overdrive the amp, ( i was on vol 0.75 !!!)

please help guys !!!


i read on some places my preamp tubes could have gone, first time i have owned a tube amp (fender blues deluxe 40watt) and i have no idea A) how to tell B) how to get them changed C) how do i know exactly which tube, it has 3 12ax7 preamp tubes and 2 6L6 output tubes.

also how i can i tell when there on/off ??

obvs with sound, but is there like any thing i shouldnt notice specifically about them, like colours or lights or anything ??