okay i want to perform a bass solo piece that will blow peoples minds. i am looking for something jazzy. I play a fender jazz 4 string. I can double thump, two had tap, difficulty isn't too big of an issue, not to sound big headed.
Pachelbel's Canon, its an amazing tune and really does blow you away, im trying to find some kind of arrangement for it.

Check on this guy playing it, its really were i got the inspiration to want to learn this place, I have the Double bass music, but its very morbid on its own.

Another great piece that i know is suite 1 in gsharp? well i think thats the one, ill go check in a min.
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that song is very sexy especially with the piccolo strings ^

ts try "flow my tears" (the policeman said) by stu hamm... it is my favorite song to play at the moment.
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do some Jaco.

Birdland has a great hook.

or make an arrangement of Happy Birthday.
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An online guitar teacher made a couple arrangements of Auld Lang Syne that are pretty good, sorry, I don't have a link. You could use the idea and make a more bass-like version. Granted, you can only play it one time of year when it will make sense.
Chromatic Fantasy, Jaco's version is worth looking into.
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If you're looking for something a little more Jazzy definitely look into Jaco. Portrait of Tracy and Continuum are both common ones to learn, however I think for pure one off impressiveness; a well-done arrangement of Teen Town would be best. It's not technically a solo bass piece, but with a little work on arranging it all the parts are completely doable. As an alternative check out Take Five by Dave Brubeck. I began doing some work with it a while ago and with a little drop tuning or transposition you can get that chord riff he plays on piano down and all of the sax parts too. It's not got all the raw impression that Teen Town would have for the average Joe, but playing that to an audience into jazz would really impress.

For a more classical take, look into the cello suites by Bach. Especially the sixth suite, especially the sixth movement of the sixth suite. Again, it's classical, so playing for the average person they'd probably lose attention, but if they could hold their attention for the whole song it would blow minds way more than Teen Town ever would... I wish.