ya, i have a guitar and it has an HSS pick up layout, its probably nothing but the humbucer is tilted down a bit towards the high e, so its thicker facing the low E, i just want to ask if this is a problem before it might become 1. thanks
its not a problem at all!
you can adjust how your humbucker lies, by turnin the 2 screws that are either side of the pickup
I don't know if I've understood you correctly, but from what I've read the pickup's height isn't properly adjusted. Use the screws on each side of the pickup to adjust it. Be careful not to overdo it.
It adjusts your tone, input in particular. The lower the pickup is from the strings, the less input will it produce. It will sound weaker and quieter, however also with less hum. Decide for yourself what do you prefer.
the lower the pickup the less treble response too

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