I need to clear uo some space so I was thinkin about buying a wall hanger but my guitar (yamaha pacifica) has a non symetrial headstock (just like a stratocaster). will these work with this style of guitar or will it place undue stree on the headstock? thanks
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i mean it will hang it up no prob but i think it doesnt matter what guitar the weight is still being put on the headstock, you shouldnt have a problem, i have a wall hanger and a yamaha and no probs
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need help asap because im leaving work in about 10 minutes and im gonna buy one on the way home if it works with that type of guitar. Thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
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I've got a hanger kind of thing for my guitars, most of them (5) have non symmetrical headstocks, and none have had any headstock related problems at all since using the hanger, go for it.
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yeah, I had a squire strat for a while, and the wall hangar worked fine. don't put it behind a door or anything like that, unless you hate your guitar
well I hung her up and it looks awesome and really cleared out some space. I just thought of something though. The room is only like 10 x 10 and the a/c register blows pretty good. I thought I saw the guitar swing a little when the a/c's on but maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. if it swings a little front to back (maybe an 1/8") is that a big deal or not? I closed the register last night to stop the air flow but its gonna be a pain to open and close that all the time. should I just not worry about it and leave the register open? thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
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thanks and I used this one and it works awesome
el cheapo gear but it works
Just for future reference; hardware stores have hooks like that made to hang rakes etc on, if you bend the hangers apart a little they work perfect. They are nice rubber coated and everything, and if you don't bend it too much it will actually grip the guitar. Most importantly they are like $1.50...
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thanks and I used this one and it works awesome

I have five of these, they're called string swings, the hanger rotates to the most natual position, best one outside of a Herc hanger in my opinion.
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If not entirely sure, you can also ask in the store of course, they usually aren't complete mongols :p
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