OK I just bought my first guitar a Dean Vendetta XMT {probably a mistake} and when i put the whammy bar on it doesn't go down. I have read a similar post and he had the same problem. I just got it yesterday so i don't wanna do anything that may cause damage but i really want to use the whammy bar. Any help{ in the other post they said to take of one of the springs. Will that help}
What do you mean it doesn't go down?
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yes. you should
remove some springs
so the tension
between the springs
and strings are equal.
Quote by CaparisonCore
What do you mean it doesn't go down?
i put it on and it moves freely to the side but it doesn'tgo down i guess i will just try to removie a spring or two
Okay I still don't get you. You can't bend down with your bridge? Or your bar doesn't go all the way down into the bridge?