I'm just curious. I'm one of those people you see in hot topic buying cosplay stuff and in books a million buying manga, so as you can tell, I'm in to all that is Japanese. Where, my good compatriots, would I be able to find a good tokai for a price that soone who works in Hot Topic can afford.
I think you should invest that money in some spelling classes, might help us also.
The problem with Tokai is that they ran into some legal issues with Gibson a while back (who didn't?) so now to get a new one, can be challenge.

Some suitably Japanese material, to official certify this as weaboo land. [/joke]

Now that I've gotten that outta my system, if you're a CRAZY japan freak and know some japanese, you could just order off their site.
Most Tokais now (apart from the really high-end stuff) are made in China and Korea, not Japan. If you want something really J-rock, look into Edwards.

My brother's a major fucking weeaboo- I know these things.