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Am a very proficient player however I just bought a new Ibanez Prestige Rg2550z and wanted some standard tuned (achievable shred maybe?) songs/artists to learn. I have been playing my schecter in Drop C for what seems like ages now and have now returned to standard tuning, but seem to be stuck as to what to get into to play!

Any help welcome; am always seeking to try all styles!
I'd suggest you the song Searchbar by Reported
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Hmm...You can always learn In The Presence of Enemies Part I by Dream Theater. Its played on a six-string and is pretty challenging, especially some of the soloing runs Petrucci does in the beginning...or you can learn Tornado of Souls. Marty Friedman is the man. The intro riff is a bit tricky, but its so awesome once you nail it.

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Try some Nazereth. Every classic rock fan loves Nazereth, plus I'm sure it would be easy to turn into a metal sound. Or Cold Sweat by Thin Lizzy, cause that's pretty much a metal song.
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I'd suggest you the song Searchbar by Reported

indeed it is a very easy song to learn
took me like 5 min
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Yea thanks for the Dream Theater post, I'm mid-way through nailing Overture 1928/Strange De Ja Vu off their Scenes from a Memory album!