I know recording seems to be a better option but Guitar Rig basically counts as my gear and stuff..

anyways.. so I have Guitar Rig.. I can play on it just fine..
but when it comes to recording I'm lost.
I don't want to record on the actual recording program.. not sure if you can.. but
I want to record to an audio interface.. or anywhere else.. I just want it to overall - recording my sound from Guitar Rig.

For example, if I were to get on MSN and hit record voice clip and play.. it'd send my dry guitar signal.
How do I get it to send my signal after it's gone through Guitar Rig instead?
Because I want to use Guitar Rig to play on NINJAM and stuff..
i dont know about for msn but you need to use a program like audacity, garageband, or cubase. With those you can use Guitar Rig as an "effect" so it will record your signal and let you use guitar rig 3 to add effects. Audacity is free and a lot of people on here use it. I use guitar rig 3 and garageband and it works out pretty well

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I use Cakewalk to record all my stuff. My real amps or if im using guitar rig 3, i can add it in as a VST plugin. You should get a recording program.
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