What are the advantages of both styles (not sure it mounted is the right word but i mean with and without the plastic side bits with screws).
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you mean covered and uncoverd?

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Well, what do you mean? If a pickup isn't mounted then it's rattling around in the guitar.
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i think he means ring mounted vs. direct mounted to the body, maybe.
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i think he means ring mounted vs. direct mounted to the body, maybe.

With direct body mounted, you might get better transference of your tone wood's tonal character, but that would depend on the quality of the pickup and the electronics.

There will be a difference, but it's usually so small, its not always easily noticeable, especially if your pickups are not designed to maximise the impact of tonewood character.
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I don't have any preference.
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there is no difference.
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cosmetic differences only.

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