Hi guys,

I'm having extreme GAS after a Silverburst Les Paul right now, but I don't have money to buy a Gibson, and I'm not a fan of the Epi's silverbursts (or headstocks). I prefer the teardrop silverburst, if you know what I mean.

The perfect guitar would be a Silverburst Edwards Les Paul (or Tokai or Greco or something), but I don't think that such models exist?

A week ago I searched around a bit and stumbled upon another option, an Agile AL-3100 Silverburst. But because of its low price (about 400$) I'm guessing the quality isn't so extremely good?

What are your suggestions?
Agiles are pretty good guitars. I've only tried one, and it was alright, but not amazing like some people on here say. Felt and sounded rather similar to a Schecter in my opinion. They're more aimed at bringing options normally found on only high-end guitars to a lower price range.
You could build your own LP and silverburst it...
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That AL-3100 is your BEST BET if you want a Silverburst. I guarantee it won't disappoint you.
You could find a used Gibson silverburst studio for a grand.
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Quote by BeefCakes

i played one of these the other day, as good as a gibson IMO....

^The thing is though that the Agile is much closer in materials, probably assembled better, and its cheaper to boot. A used studio could be good but if he's looking for the custom look instead of the studio look then it won't cut it. The only thing that might work would be a Hagstrom but I don't recall them having a Silverburst model.
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Agiles are your best bet. Personally, I think the silverburst looks like ass but to each his own.
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