I have my snare sounding the way I want it to, and I have a decent hi hat and crash, but my floor tom, small, and medium tom all sound like crap to me. They all have Remo and Evans heads as well.

My problem is I don't know what general tuning I need to tune the toms to to play more metal focused music. I listen to lots of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment, Kamelot, Evergrey, etc. Does anyone know what keys I should be generally tuning to? I know its all up to personal preference, or so they say, but I can't get any of it to sound good so I generally just hit my snare tom and crash and avoid the toms all together.
I hate to say it, but, really, the only thing you're going to get told is it really is just person preference. I mean, I personally prefer a wetter sounding tom sound, so, if I had a drumset (I just play around on my friend's sets for now), I'd definitely tune them low. But some people tune them high to get a nice, crisp, tight sound from the toms. It's all up to you. Fool around with it, see what you like most.
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Just tune them until they sound right. I've never heard of someone tuning their toms to notes... Thats just me, and my limited drum exp though.
well, I don't really know myself, but I remember my drummer tuning his low tom to D. he had the bassist play certain notes (which I don't remember, other than the low one) and he tuned to that.

honestly though, I don't really know