I am kind of dissapointed with the "retro-thrash" movement that's been taking place. It's not bad music but bands like Municipal Waste and Merciless Death seem to not have a distinctive style or very little distinctive style. I need some people's opinions on whether my style reminds them of 80's thrash bands. To me, I am somewhat reminded of a mix of the first two maiden records and some Megadeth from the first 3 records with the OVerkill energy. But I don't think it sounds copycattish as much as bands like Fueled by Fire and such. So I was wondering what everyone elses opinions are on my music. But some notes

The destroyer-first riff has been beefed up a bit
Lethal Injection-one riff removed before the lead part is removed
Reel em in-badly recorded but sounds better played loud
the virus-no changes
conspiracy-first riff after lead intro has been removed.
500,000 ft-drums are beefed up where they slow down.

And no leads have been recorded yet. But give opinions on the riffs and if they sound good/original. Thanks mates.

Thanks again. Just copy and paste the link.

I'm not advertising just asking for some feedback
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2. Why do people feel the need to try and revive dead musical genres? Most of them died for a reason you know