Hope this is the right place ( if not i am sure someone who wants to be mr/mrs helper will move it)

Has anyone here used it. I am a big fan, but was curious of how good the dojo is. I have been back to playing for about a year and have been told i am getting pretty decent. I do not play by ear for the most part though ( i can tell a 5th from a chord and the like though). I was also wondering if anyone knows any sample lessons that may be on youtube i know there are lots of stuff by lynch on there, but was looking for something from the dojo. I think 6 months cost like $100 now so i was hoping i could get some insight to see if its worth it.

also does anyone know what the japanese figures mean on the kamikaze. I was told his ex wife had him put i am married and have many kids, but think that is a joke.

Also still looking for an ltd kamikaze