OK, so my dad told me I have $200-$299 to spend on a guitar amp(he's not giving me money, he's comming to the store with me).

I play Wes Montgomery-style octave Jazz, but mostly Chicago blues. I was originally gonna get a Epiphone Valve Junior, but now I'm thinking about getting a big Fender Frontman(100W) solid state, because of the headroom. I have a humbucker-equipped guitar, so would that take some of the (possible) buzz out of the signal?

I don't use effects, and I gig with a drummer, a bassist, and an acoustic pianist. I need some headroom for some songs, and some light overdrive for others. I trust fender products WAY more than something like Marshall or Peavey.

I am going to GC with my mum right now to get strings, so I belive I'll try the Frontman, with a humbucker guitar. I used to have a 15G that came with my old squire, and I acually got some good tone out of it(plenty of buzz on those schmitty pickups tho). Will this be a good choice?

The frontman is a terrible amp. The cleans are decent but the overdrive is terrible.

You could probably get something like a used valveking, which has plenty of headroom if thats what your after.
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Quote by willwelsh816
I trust fender products WAY more than something like Marshall or Peavey.

Why? Peavey makes really great budget tube amps. Marshall, not so much...
My budget is just about over $200. My dad's not as spendy as my mom(she got me a $400 ES-335). I tried it out, and I loved it. Christmas(20% off sales) can be my tube amp day, but I just need something to keep up with the jazz band(I wasn't allowed in concerts because I didn't have an amp). The clean channel was great, and the overdrive was usable. I didn't notch the Overdrive pass 2 and a half. I think I will get it. I couldn't put the volume pass 3 without being sure that would be loud enough for a gym concert. I think I will get it. The overdrive is not terrible at all, it's only terrible if you dime it. I hardly ever use distortion, so I think this amp will be fine for now. Until August 16th(my B-day), you can try to give me suggestions.

PS: the one I tried at the GC was a 65W version. I can't imagine the headroom on the 100W version!