so I'm in BC, Canada. That means one thing: EXPENSIVE GEAR!!! For example, I've been researching and playing and decided that im going to buy the Takamine EG523SC 6 string acoustic guitar. In the states, its in stores for 650-700. HERE HOWEVER, it is a whopping 780. oh, and we pay two taxes here for a total of 12%. Thats like, 880 And its just not worth it to go to the states and pay cuz of currency rates and gas. I think I'd actually end up paying more..... So my question is this:

A $780 guitar ($880 with taxes). Went to Tom Lee Music Center. The Fret board was worn and fading on one side and had a chip on the 12'th fret and at the bottom next to the sound hole. The dude lowered the price to 760 before tax. I asked for 800 with taxes and he said it was impossible because of some reason that I wasn't listening to. So i get about 30 bucks cut off. Big whoop. Should I just take it? If not, help me out on how to haggle. Im gonna try Long & McQuade tommorow. See what they can do.
We have a wonderful CL here in Van. Use it.
EDIT: Also, L&M>>>>>TL


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Find one you like in a store then order it from America.
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Wait outside Tom Lee and try to coax an innocent child into purchasing the guitar for you with one tax. That is if you can get one tax on musical instruments. Might save you a bit...
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Buy used.

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Find one you like in a store then order it from America.

It will cost more that way buddy.
It seems to me that TL doesn't really deal with haggling so much, I tried at one of their stores last year and got no where, then went to L&M and got a hard-case free (saved $100). So I'll suggest just trying at L&M and see what they say. Good luck.
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We have a wonderful CL here in Van. Use it.
EDIT: Also, L&M>>>>>TL

Tom Lee sucks imo

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