So Ive been playing stock strings for a while on my fairly new guitar because I'm cheap. Now I have to get new strings. I have a few questions, firstly, should I get 11's or 12's. I'm pretty used to playing guitar, but my acoustic-electric has very high action and requires a lot of pressure at the first fret. I've been playing guitar in general for almost 2 years and I still feel like its work to play an F chord on my guitar, so I wonder if 11'a will be better. And as for type of string, I do not know exactly what to choose. My guitar is a dreadnought and has a very dark tone and I would like to brighten it up a bit (so I assume that rules out nylon). Thanks!
I would pick .11's, but I use really light strings on everything, so that's more of a personal preference.

Most people also suggest Elixer Nanoweb's because they give a nice, bright sound out of it.
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You said that you're having trouble fretting the string? You should actually go to a lighter gauge. Lighter gauge strings are slinkier and easier to fret and bend, while heavier gauge strings give fatter tone and are better for drop tuning. Unless you downtune your acoustic (yeah I know, makes no sense), I'd go with 9s. But if you think you can take 10s without it being too much trouble to fret, take them.

And D'addario makes some REALLY bright strings. Nickel-wounds are bright, but ProSteels are the brightest.
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Elixir Nanowebs are great for acoustics, and I'd suggest 11's. I've got 13's on mine at the moment...far too tough to fret lol. 11's are great for any guitar
well, first off, try adjusting the action. if you dont know how, ask a repair shop on how.
second, i have elixirs, and they do really well.11s are ok (from personal experiance) but 12s are amazing. and brand is what really up to you, i love ernie ball and elixir nanowebs, but thats just me.
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I would stick with the 12s. That's what came on your guitar most likely, and those are the lightest strings I really recommend. Anything lighter than that and I feel that you start to dampen your tone.

If you really want a bright tone, Elixirs will give you that tone. I don't like to recommend Elixir strings particularly though because I don't really care for their tone and I find that they consistently break much more often than any other strings I have tried. Instead of getting Elixirs, I strongly recommend trying out some 80/20 bronze strings instead. You have probably been playing phosphor bronze strings, and some 80/20 bronze strings will likely give you just that brighter tone you're looking for. Again, I would strongly recommend this over Elixirs.

It's really not all that uncommon to still have a little trouble playing barre chords perfectly after only two years. Just keep at it and practice. You'll get that dexterity, strength, and muscle memory built up over time. For now, though, I would definitely work on that action if it's really that high. Adjusting your action make a HUGE world of difference on the playability of your guitar... and it's not that hard to do!

Here's a great tutorial on the best and easiest way to lower your action yourself: