Alright I've got a fender Squier Bullet strat which isn't all that great, I like to play rock and alternative, I TRY to play Bon Jovi and I will someday. And I would just like to know what I could get for say... under $200?
If you're willing to cough up the extra hundred, you could get the Peavey Bandit 112 which is what i'm currently using. Lemme tell you, it's pretty nice...
thats a pretty tight budget when amp shopping, the vyper is probably the best choice for you in that price range
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Wow ALL I've heard is to get vypr. I guess thats the way to go

IMO, the Vypyr is very digital-sounding and not what you want. You'll be unhappy with it in a matter of weeks.

For your budget I recommend one of the Vox Valvetronix amplifiers. They're the most realistic modeling amps I've ever tried, and I've actually TRIED them, unlike many of the people who are recommending the Vypyr just because it seems to be "the big thing" around here at the moment.
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But seriously, I'd keep saving. If you want a good amp, you need a bit. Don't blow it on some crappy thing, save up for tube stuff.
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What amp do you have now? An upgrade might not do you any good!

An upgrade can only do me good! I've got the $40 Fender Sp-10. It doesn't even work half the time.
vypyr. probably one of the best modeling amps (or amp in general) you can get for that budget.
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Vox Valvetronix or Vypyr depending on what genres you play. I've played both extensively and the Vox is really good for anything with less gain than 80s hair metal. The Vypyr has a better high gain sound and has some pedal sounds like fuzz and stuff that aren't available on the Vox. For you the Vox would be the best bet.
New... I'd go for the Vibro Champ XD for tone. If you want a louder amp then then the Vypyr 30.

IMO, the Vypyr is very digital-sounding and not what you want. You'll be unhappy with it in a matter of weeks.
The Vypyr has great high gain and clean tones. The digital graininess shows up in the mid gain tones. But it's still an awesome deal and good sounding amp.
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I can recommend a Roland Cube, certainly because of the many different styles you can use it for. I don't know about those Vypyrs tbh, just talking about the stuff I know of. I'd go out and test those amps, if you have that chance though, you're never really sure until you heard it yourself.

EDIT: Not saying the Cube beats those other recommended amps, I'm just telling you about the stuff I tested and heard myself.
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