Everybody knows Bryan Beller (aka William Murderface).
I found this video of him describing his technique for Thunderhorse.
He uses his first three fingers.
I've never seen this done before. Is this weird, or am I just living under a rock?
What do you guys think?

He starts talking about it at 1:55.
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Yeah, that's somewhat common. Check out John Myung and Steve DiGiorgio; they both use 3 fingers, though in different ways, if i remember correctly.
Personally, I find using 3 fingers much easier. Especially when playing "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden, just for an examle. Its also easier to do triplet form styles.
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Yeah it's fairly common. though some players swear by two fingers, like Steve Harris. but I've seen some people use four.
Yeahh, I self-taught myself bass after playing guitar for about 7 years and I instantly used 3 fingers to learn 2112 by Rush as my first song. Ever since, I've used 3 regularly in whatever I play, it just seems so much easier.
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I didn't know that people didn't know about that.

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It's just another tool in the box, I guess people don't know about some techniques, like I never heard about slap bass will about one & abit years ago.

I'm not a bassist. I just know minor things about bass guitar.
I've just always seen bassists use two fingers instead of three.
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It's the only way to really get that "galloping" triplet sound with your fingers. Not to mention its heaps easier than trying to only use your index and middle.
Ehh, if anything i think the bit where he uses his index and ring fingers together to simulate a pick would be the unusual thing. That would be a pretty cool and helpful technique to learn for such fast music but ive never been able to catch on.

Also, if you think about it the three finger technique can be the best thing for songs that use triplets. But its also one hell of a curse for when you need to not be playing triplets which seems to be the case in a greater deal of songs.

Anyway, check out Alex Webster and the previously mentioned players.

Alex Webster answers questions about how he plays on the CC forum often too, its helpful to read topics ... and Billy can play with four fingers but dosnt seem to like to cause of its shorter length and because it dosnt have a callus. (got that from a vid on youtube)
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Alex Webster uses 3 fingers for fast parts of songs, and uses his index and ring fingers for other parts.
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I find playing gallops with 2 fingers much easier
I use my ring finger only when I get tired
to give the other fingers some rest
it kinda faces the wrong direction to be used all the time I guess
but maybe that's just me

his 2 finger picksound thingie is awesome though.
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i use three for playing when i cannot keep up with two fingers or lack the stamina to use two all the way through, such as stockholm syndrome - muse or the serpentine offering - dimmu borgir
I'm learning to use 3, I used to use 4 but with really sh*tty technique, so that failed. 4 is a little too hard in my opinion, but it gives you more stamina, so if you can be arsed to play with 4, good on you, you have better work ethic than me

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3 fingers is not unusual. I use it occasionally, but i find its easier to do gallops with two ala Steve Harris.
That's common in extreme metal. Even 4 is something that isn't new. I instantly found 3 being better than 2. Even if I'm playing something slow-paced, I use 3 fingers, but in this combo: index, then middle and ring together, to get more attack.
The right hand technique i use when im trying to produce a growl doesnt allow me to move my fingers as fast as possible, so i usually use 3 fingers then, but during normal playing two fingers is faster for me.