I'm selling a Vox AC15 cc1 tube amp in excellent condition. Equipped with JJ tubes and a Hellatone 60(aka Celestion vintage 30) speaker. This amp also comes with a hard roadcase with wheels for easy transport. This amp is great. It has that perfect British Vox tone. I also upgraded this amp with an Accutronics reverb tank which is way better than the stock one supplied. I really love the sound of this amp but I have so many so its time to get rid of a few. I would like to get around $425 for the amp and roadcase (which is a steal for what you are getting, given all the upgrades I have done) but I am willing to talk price. Just shoot me an offer.

I'm looking for an Orange Tiny Terror Head to Trade for if anyone is willing to part with one. I'd prefer to deal locally but if the price is right I may be able to ship it.



I have a tiny terror head

where are you located?
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