Here is the link to my Pata/hide cover of Rusty Nail:

Make sure to watch in the HQ, it sounds quite a bit better I think. If you like it, maybe check out a few other of my videos? I've got Tonight by Luna Sea, Love Addict by VAMPS and In the Cage by Galneryus. Hopefully you guys will enjoy them!
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Amazing, never listened to the original but it sounded pretty damn good. Just lower your guitar a bit.
I also checked the Endless Love solo cover, and it was really good too.
Dude that was awesome. Really good playing and crisp tone. Glad to see another X fan, I have some covers in my profile as well. You solo was spot on. The only things I would suggest would be,

1.) Lower the gain on Hide's rhythm section a bit. This will give it some voice during those high note fills.
2.) I had some tapping during the tremolo in the solo, it sounds a lot better imo.

I recorded with microsoft sound recorder and audacity. I played a Dean MLx and played through a Zoom G1x Pedal.
i never heard this song before but it didnt sound like you made any mistakes
good cover
oh god... my ex girlfriend was chinese and she loved jrock and visual k. I couldn't stand it, some of the most generic and pointless music I'd ever heard (in my opinion of course ). Except for Shiina Ringo or something like that, she was ****ing awesome.

Anyway I hated the song but you played it well, had great tone and made 0 mistakes that I could see. The only thing wrong was the timing during the solo was off in one place but it wasn't very noticeable. Good tone and technique That's the best crit I can do, thanks for posting it though it'd been a long time since I heard jrock and it brought back some memories, haha.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1179315
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Thanks for all the positive comments everyone!

And lol Jimmy94, thanks for the honesty lol, not everyone has to like visual kei and jrock but thanks for taking the time to watch and crit my video anyways.
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looked it up and shiina ringo played with tokyo jihen. lol this whole thing made me look up all those bands she loved... le 'arc enciel was her favorite but she always called them laruka. And I forgot to mention Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra which is seriously one of my favorite bands.

There were others but I can't remember lol. Sorry for rambling on your page.
Ha, lol no worries about the rambling.

And I do like L'Arc~en~Ciel too, usually i find people call them laruku though. I did a cover of a VAMPS song which is the solo project of the laruku vocalist. And i've hard of the ska paradise orchestra, maybe i'll have to look into them a bit more.
Gibson Les Paul + Orange Tiny Terror = Sex
First time I've heard this song but it was amazing.

How many people can be there own backup guitarist?
X Japan for the win! awesome cover btw! I want to do the I.V. cover or the Dahliacover soon. I'm still trying to learn Rosier by Luna Sea T_T
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Awesome, I love this song and your cover rocked. Good to see there are a few other J rockers out there.