this is my newest song , by the way i have about 80 more songs which i dont have time to post...... so N joy this one!
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awesome... so where is it?

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Intro sounds pretty Metallica, I guess... Only real gripe I have with bars 1 to 42 (which, since there are no section markers, I'm assuming that is all the "Intro") is... It gets very, very repetitive. I realize vocals would make up for this, but still... Without them, it stands out... A lot...

For the next part, bars 43 through 60... I didn't really like the n-tuplet notes. I may be biased from knowing what your inspiration was and its nice that it doesn't sound EXACTLY like Metallica, but some of it could work better. Personally, I would've changed that final powerchord on bar 52 (and all of its repeats) to either an E or G, because the melody sounds very skewd Almost like a let down as we begin repeating the chord progression. All the rest is good, the G powerchords seperated by the Open E's feel very Metallica

The progression starting at bar 62 was nice. It was funky and Egyptian sounding, to my ears... Very nice.

Bars 103 to 125 left me like, I mean, the two guitars are going in totally different directions, it sounds like... Where they should be harmonizing, the Leads are just drowning out the Rhythm.

Bars 126 through 129 was badass. VERY Metallica

Nice Solo, crazy beginning though. Not that its a bad thing really... It was just kinda like "Whoa!..." I wouldn't say it came out of nowhere, because I was expecting it somewhere in that area of the song, but there wasn't alot of build to it, I felt...

The rest was great, top-notch. Had me headbanging

Overall 7.5/10


I must say it was hard to find much fault with this one. Around bar 223 until the end the drums become a little over bearing, more isn't always better. Before that I don't have too many complaints, it gets a little repetitive, but I'm sure vocals would make it alright. The solo is good, not great, but I think it fits well enough.

can you please crit mine now?
grok it.


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Had some great riffs here and there.
The constant open hi-hat drove me insane though. Omg lighten up with it.
It was also pretty repetative. I'd suggest not playing the same riffs so many times in a row without variation.
IMO the solo was just balls. No direction and it sounded like random noodling.

Sorry for the harshness
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thnx for the crits i am open to all kinds of it. so bad or good it is still pretty good for mr to know how it feels in someone elses ears.... PEACE