okkk so i have a vox ad15vt.

Tonight at practice for youth group, the nut that holds the input jack in place came off, and the input jack fell into the amp.

Im playing at youth tomorrow.. i have a problem.

Is there anyway to get it out without paying someone.

I cant figure out how to open the amp

well i have the 50 watt version of the amp and when that happens i just turn it upside down and shake it untill it comes out but try not to shake it too hard or else try to go to craiglist and type in amp repair and try to get it fixed by some one privately going to shops for this is like 80 bux for looking at it and 60 an hour ridiculous cheers and good luck
Not working. I ripped apart the little grill at the back, and can grab the input jack with pliers, but cant get it in the hole it goes in
Reach down into the hole it goes in with a pair of pliers and pull it back up through the hole.

Once you get it up through, tighten the nut back on. If you want, you could solder it on there so that it doesn't happen again.
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