Hello, I'm a rock guitarist, and interested in recording. The guitars that I've used are not quality, in my opinion, for recording as I'd like to record them. I do not play heavy metal, but I do play a range of alternative to hard rock. I also generally play in Whole-Step Down tuning, or Dropped C tuning. Sometimes, it is a tad different (The lowest I go is Dropped A#, though keep in mind, I'm still not playing metal, and sometimes I play in standard tuning, or Dropped D).

I was curious if anyone had any experience with the ESP LTD F-2E electric guitar. It is a very beautiful guitar with a natural finish. I was wondering if it was any good for recording, or if anyone had experience with it. I was sure to note that I am not a metal or heavy metal guitarist, as some consider ESP to be "metal" exclusive. Whether this is right or not, I additionally seek your advice.

I was also considering a Telecaster, though, I'm not sure if one could pull off a good rock sound. Am I wrong? I'm sure I am, I just don't know enough about it. If anyone has advice on any of this, I'd be very appreciative.

Thanks a lot.
i have an f series and they are great guitars, i used (before i upgraded) it for everything from clean stuff like little wing to all shall perish.

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ESP guitars aren't "metal exclusive." Great guitars, & fairly versatile
oh cool, i knew there was an AX-2E and i think its beautiful, wasnt aware they made an F one of those. i know that AX has an ebony fingerboard, neck thru, and coil tap. if its the same pups as my FX then you'll be able to get a variety of tones with it. last week i was jamming through my crate vfx50 and it was sounding nice.

what amp(s) do you use?

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Well, and hopefully no one assumes me to be a "poser", I use Line 6 right now, for their variety of amp emulating choices. Understand that I'm the kind of person that holds up an apple to an orange for 2 hours trying to decide which one I want to eat, so I figured that until I had more money to dish out on a decent amp. Of course, I've played and loved Mesa Boogies, but they are a bit out of my range.
It's always a shame when one's desire and skill out grows one's wallet.

Perhaps the community has suggestions toward amps as well? I understand that it's very hard without being able to actually "hear" the kind of music that I write, or the sounds that I'd like to achieve. If it helps, and again I hope I don't sound like a "poser", I'm very appreciative of the tones of 10 Years, Evans Blue, Thrice, 30 STM, and Coheed. Pretty surefire slices of Alternative Rock and Hard Rock. But versatility is always a good tool, and so I'm a fan of the "lighter" tones of Something Corporate and Kill Hannah towards the "heavier" tones of Shinedown and Alter Bridge. I understand that lighter and heavier are very implicative words, but I hope that my examples are clarifying.

Additionally, I'm a vocalist/guitarist, so while I do some lead work, I'm more often playing rhythm live.

Thanks very much for the feedback everyone

I've played the F-50, which is basically the same thing.

It was pretty badass for a $250 guitar, I won't lie. I can only imagine that the F-2E is even better (minus the FR), and it looks dead sexy.