I can't seem to do this very well does anyone have any tips i can do it with my pointer finger but that's about it,

for seek and destroy i need to do it with my 1st and 3rd finger but i can't do it at all and if i try it seems to hurt my wrist at times?
wrong thread, and just practice.

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Weird, never caused me any discomfort. I really can't play power chords with three fingers.
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just practice, build up wrist strength, try playing barre chords, that will build finger and wrist strength
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do you have tiny hands?

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make sure your thumb is in the right position if its not it will make playing bar chords or anything similar harder for your hand
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If it hurts your wrist then you're either fretting to hard or your hand is poorly positioned. Just keep moving everything around until there's no pain and it works.
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do you have tiny hands?


Does that matter really tho?

I have trouble with 9's and 10's strings :S