Hey, I don't use the forums too much, if this is already spammed throughout the topics, my apologies. Anyways, to the point:

I'm trying to get into writing a song. I've been messing around on Guitar Pro and have it all set, but I want to actually record it. But I know nothing about recording.
What I have:
ESP LTD EX400 (It's a metal machine with active pickups)
Peavey JSX Head (120W of death and win)
BOSS NS-2 (Kills ring and buzz on the amp)
Egnater cab ($500 used, it's a decent tube cab)
Simmons SD9K (Nice electric drumset I have)
A PC running crappy Windows XP (It works, but it's not amazing at all)

Now, which should I use: The computer types of recording, or those ones that just record with a mic? I'm worried that I might get unwanted noise or that it wouldn't sound too good with a mic, and I'm worried that if I plug it into a computer that the computer will asplode. 120W is QUITE a bit, and I don't know if it's too much.

I checked the sticky, and it didn't really tell me anything relating to the Watts of an amp. Is that relevant at all? Also, the sticky didn't give me an actual opinion. I want it to be a pretty heavy metal song (deathcore, kinda, it's in drop C), and I don't want an "I'm standing in a small room with a hell of a lot of musical equipment" sound...

Also, the room with all my equipment is upstairs, and my computer is downstairs. I don't have a laptop, and REALLY don't want to transport either.

Opinions? Thanks.

If you want to go digital, you can buy an interface (check musicansfrien for ratings and reviews), BUT you can still record your tube amp. all you do is to plug the FX loop output into the interface, remember to have the cabinet on your amp, or you will fry your tubes. Then you should read mroe about this on www.recabi.net which is a really good cab sim system, msot realistic there is.

Also, to do this, you need a DAW

Or you can buy an interface with a mic input and a decent microphone and mic' your cabinet. (most recommended)

You'll also need a DAW here

best DAW IMO www.reaper.fm (DAW = Digital Audio Workstation (recording program))
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