Guys so just now my parents went out of the house leaving me alone. So I watched some MTV and then Katy Perry's video for Hot and Cold came on. I had a sudden urge to fap which I couldn't resist so I whipped it out and fapped away. The problem is I got so into it while looking at those images of Katy Perry that my penis split into half mid-climax and squirted blood everywhere.

Right now I managed to duct tape it back together but it's not holding too well, and there's blood all over the TV. How should I explain the TV to my parents, and has this happened to anyone? Should I tell a doctor or somebody? Will I be able to take care of it with more duct tape or glue or staples, or will it just grow back and heal on it's own. Help me it hurts alot.
Rub it with steel wool, really hard, try some sandpaper, or use a lot of ink.

If all else fails go back to the steel wool.
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