About 2 weeks back at band practice, I blew a Tube (I discovered this after my singer screamed that my amp was on fire ) So I brought it to the shop and asked them for new tubes. Carvins ship with el34's, and the bias was switched to 6L6

So, Got the new tubes, put em in, and all of a sudden...A new problem! My volume keeps cutting out every so often, and I think it might have something to do with the speakers, if not the tubes. When I went to grab my power cord that first band practice, I accidentally yanked one of the speaker connector thingys out, but I put it back where I thought it was before, And Didn't think much of it.

Heres some pics of the back of the amp. Anyone able to deduce the problem?

thanks to anyone who can help.

*Tubes are Sovtek 6L6s if that makes any difference. I know Sovtek is regarded as Mediocre, but I haven't heard them being bad or shoddy.
Its likely if your singer was yelling your amp is on fire that there was more damage than just swapping tubes would fix. Doesnt look like theres anything wrong with the speaker connections. Volume cutting out intermittant is gonna be something internal.
^ It wasn't on fire, It was just smoking and a Tube was glowing bright. I can take a picture of the Tube with a burn mark on it if you'd like

My singer overreacts a bit.

So, this isn'y a problem i can fix myself if its internal? Gotta bring it to a shop?