My local Pawn has an Epi Blues Custom in near mint condition for 350. Its been collecting dust at the bottom of the amp pile for some time. My town's a bit poor, and it dosent seem to move stock much at the pawns (I try to go at least once a week or so, see whats new). I have a FM 100 H and matching cab and it does me fine, but If i can get a near trade in at say 200 dollars for the Cab and Head, Id be willing to upgrade. I know that Ive been a SS supporter for a long time, but I also know a good deal when I see one.

Now obviously, its going to be an upgrade from my current SS rig. I like the 15/30 watt selectability. What I want to know is what you know. Odds and ends, is this a good amp to jump on, or should I bide my time and wait for something else.

I play in a cover band, have an extensive pedal board (Big Muff Sovtek, BD-2, GE-7, Crybaby, Delay, Reverb, chorus, etc..) I play Stuff that ranges from Weezer to Metallica, (mostly thier slower stuff, like turn the page, bell tolls, whiskey in the jar, etc. - I seem to like garage inc. a bit too much, if you know what I mean.) The heaviest songs I do right now are Zombie (Cranberries) and Blood to Bleed (Rise Against).

On my own, Im more of a Blues, Classic Rock, White Stripes, Black Keys type of player. Ive been enfatuated with the sounds of Oasis, Kings of Leon, and Blues Musicians like Muddy Waters, BB King, and Chris Thomas King.

Will the BC fill all of these needs? Whats the upside to a BC/ Is there a downside?
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yes, and your getting it for about half price. I'd jump on it right away if I knew where this pawn shop was
Its a fantastic amp.

Your getting it at a great price. It will handle anything from blues to rock. Anything more any you might be disappointed though.
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I dont play much Metal at all. The highest gian that I do on a regular basis is AC/DC, and thats not much gain, really. I want to jump on it, and I plan too. The issue is.....

My wife bought my Halfstack FM 100 that intend to trade, shes fine with me upgrading, but doesnt want me to get ripped off, or lose money on a potential investment (so we discussed). The cab retials at 300 and the head for 200, can I expect to get 250 on the trade?

Should I try to get a straight up swap, or am I dreamin! I dont mind paying out a bit, its been a long time comin for me. I wonder if all these years my SS support was born out of my own misguided sense of pride.

was it all wasted time?
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204
I'd try to get a straight up swap, they may do it if not, haggle from there, but it will definitely sound better than your fender.
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Try to get a straight swap for it.

And I have a BC30. Great amp. Just turn that ****er up all the way and boost it.