I listen to alot of stuff to start out. Ranging from Bob Dylan to The Autumn Offering (Metal Band). XD

I happen to like to mess around with guitar tunings alot including drop tunings, but like to keep my guitars in the tuning their setup tuning for the most part.

And then I thought....what about a motha ****in 7 string! I want some feedback on how badass they were.
7 strings are lots of fun. thats one more string you can have some fun with in an open tuning too. as for which one to buy, ibanez seems to be a pretty popular choice among users here. i like my washburn but its about 10 years old and i dont know if they make 7s still. ESP and schecter make some good ones. start thinking about those brands, but if for some reason those dont suit you, dont give up hope, there are others out there.

7 String+ ERG Legion!!

LTD Snakebyte
Agile AL-727
ESP Horizon
Warmoth Swirled 7
Schecter C-1 Classic
Laney Ironheart 60w + Avatar Cab

I've just bought a Agile interceptor which I'm very happy with and cheap too. Do a search on Rondomusic.com and have a look at them. The seventh string in itself I have found to be perfect for my sound. If you can try one out in a shop first to see how much you like it but if the situations anything like it is around me you're unlikely to find one.