i am left handed but i play guitar right handed and seems that my picking is now more faster that last monht but i want my picking much faster i nkow some left handed guitarist that plays right handed guitar like steve mores and is it good that i choose to play right handed guitar or maybe i should be ambidextrous to get my picking much faster and i have a problem with my left handed pinky finger when the ti me i use it it sometimes kinda feels wrong but i think i need more practice^_^ hello to all left handed that plays right handed guitar and hope you best

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i say do whatever is most comfortable for YOU. and with your pinkey. just work it. it'll eventually work.
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Im left handed and play right and the way I think about it is if you use your left hand for most life actions why not use it as the fret hand which in most cases has a harder job during playing than a picking hand.
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