Umm I wrote this today. It is the first full song I've written and I'd really love some feedback. and of course, I'll comment back, just put a link to your thread at the end of your post.

song 1.gp4
song 1.gp5
song 1.mid
grok it.


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Umm I wrote this today. It is the first full song I've written and I'd really love some feedback.


Very nice stuff, love the tempo changes and the simplicity. A solo would fit at the end and help complete the song and give it a more "whole" feel.

8/10 I'd buy it.

Also, love the bass.
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Wow, this is actually pretty cool and original.

As said above, the tempo changes are really cool. All of the parts sound really good.
The only part im not sure about is the first section. Maybe tidy it up a bit, I can hear a few notes which sound wrong to me (bars 5-15)
Drums throughout go really well, no problems there at all.
I like the bit where it changes at bar 26. Nice drums and nice sounding section.

This whole thing reminds me of something Sublime would write.

Nice work overall.
Thanks for commenting on mine

Pretty nice n' simple classic rock song you got here, hardly the kind of music I listen to in a regular basis, but still, it was a nice listen.

Probably the best part of it was the bass, especially in the bar 16 riff, nice groove going on. Transition into that part didn't work so well I think with the tempo change, but you know GP, it doesn't treat tempo changes all that well (all the other tempo changes work nicely enough though).
Drums are ok, even if kinda generic. Good interplay between clean and distorted guitars.

The riff on bars 20-25 has the time signature wrong, should be 3/4, but I'll cut you some slack.

Overall, not bad for a first attempt, even if it didn't amaze me. Keep on experimenting and be on the lookout for new cool sounds
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Intro Kinda reminded me of one of those cool TV show intros . I liked it mate.

I think the slow down at 16 was a tad too slow just a bit. maybe go to 95 or 98?
bars 20 - 25 was just a beautiful bunch of chords.
needs a better transition of some sort. for a first song this is very good. Add more definatly. Maybe an alternate chorus or a solo. :]


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