So my bands wanting to record at my house and ive never really had good luck with recording guitar. How should i go about recording/mixing it? Bands were comparable with are The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!(Yes, the crabcore band), and Drop Dead, Gorgeous.

Heres what we have to work with:

-Schecter Tempest Custom
-Epiphone uhh...idk the cheap les paul

Line 6 Spider III (75 watt)(i knowwww.....)
A Roland Cube i think its like 10 watts or 12.
and Guitar Rig 3

and then my audio interface is the e-mu 0202 all recorded into reaper.

Edit: oh and we have a CHEAP mic. and 2 sm58's (the bassists dads from when he was in a band)
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Simply put...... put a mic in front of it and push record. Are you going to record the whole band/drums? I dont want to sound like a cork sniffer but id upgrade the amps before you spend anything on recording. If you go with GR3, check out the amp sim thread here, those guys know what they're doing and can help you get some good results with free sims. Mixing is a whole different subject.
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