Yo yo, I'm GDUB, been on the site for years but just starting to get into posting and interacting with members on the site. Mostly I've used the site just to get tabs, but I am digging all the features on here and think its due time I start using all the benefits of ultimate-guitar.com
Welcome to the forums, and on that old Need For Speed game on the PSP, there is a computer oponent called G DUB lol
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Welcome. Your first step of initiation: Play a Polka in C minor
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Haha, well i'm not the N.f.S. G Dub, just GDUB... GW are my initials, and Dub is short for double U so I might not be the only one, but at least I came fresh and original haha! thanks for the welcome replies guys!
Welcome! There's a stickied thread at the top of this forum, but it's not really a big deal now. Just make sure to read the rules, and you'll be fine. And most of all have fun.

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